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Our Mission, Approach & Strategy.


Visual Design + Strategy Firm for Social IMPACT.

Amir Now, Inc. (ANI) is a full-service creative and visual design firm that works to advance health + economic equity within marginalized communities through developing and implementing digital media campaigns designed for maximum impact.


ANI prides itself in being effective executors. We integrate our individual disciplines collectively to drive results. We have also created a infrastructure designed to take projects from an idea to completion which allows our creatives the space to create and engage our clients and partners.

The 3 core elements of our approach are as followed:





Everything we do begins with a detailed plan that includes research, discovery and analyzes on market trends.


During this stage we also immerse ourselves in our client’s brand to bring forward it’s story.


ANI works with clients then to create a comprehensive strategic plan to streamline plans and set benchmarks so together we can track results.


​Our creative approach is structured, intentional yet natural.


At this stage we deploy the firm's collective talents to design and create content that is a balance of form and function that speaks to our clients and partners story.

Execution & Analyze
Execution & Analyze

​At this stage we turn creative concepts and strategies into result driven tactics.


Using a variety of medium and platforms we deliver for our clients and partners to bring forward designs but to also amplify and share their story.


At the end of each project we spend time to look at metrics, insights and outcomes to best support our partners in implementing other projects going forward.

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